Class #29, 2/20/2012

Whew!  It was a juicy one in there tonight.  And we were packed in like sardines – there must have been close to 40 people in there (which is pretty much capacity).  We were all very close to each other tonight.  Very, very close.   Plus, there were so many people today that I couldn’t even see a sliver of myself in the mirror – which was weird.  I’m so used to seeing myself and using that focus for my balance, but it wasn’t there tonight.  It was a difficult class because of that.


Standing Deep Breathing:   It actually felt good tonight.  No gasping, just slow, deep breaths.  Very good.

Awkward Pose:  Ugh.  Feet cramps.  Right in my arches.  So painful.

Eagle:  I’m not even…

Standing Head to Knee:  My lower back was a little angry tonight with this one.  Discomfort.  Plus, not being able to see myself in the mirror made this pose harder.

Standing Bow:  Same here.  I need that mirror!

Balancing Stick:  I did better on these tonight than I had been.  Not great, not the entire 10 seconds (and don’t laugh, because 10 seconds is a LONG TIME when you’re trying to be a capital ‘T’), but still… okay.

Standing Separate Leg Stretching Pose:  Felt great tonight.  I was pulling and pulling and pulling.

Triangle:  I was having trouble with my towel and mat tonight, so my feet were slipping out from under me.  I still managed both sets, though, so that’s good.  I love the feel of this pose.  So good on my back.

Standing Separate Leg Head to Knee Pose:  I skipped the right sides but did the left.  And I didn’t rest through them!

Tree:  Good ol’ tree.  Did this one despite not being able to see my legs. 

Wind Removing:    I’m getting so close to being able to really get a good grip on my knees.  And I can tell my neck is getting straighter.

Cobra:  Love cobra.  Nothing new to report.  It went well, felt strong, etc.

Locust:  Still hate this pose because I can’t get my arms under my belly, but I did actually get them under a teensy bit.  Maybe some day.  One of the other yogis at the studio said he could only put his arms down at his side a year ago, now he does an amazing Locust.

Full Locust:  This felt good tonight.  Thighs were off the floor, back was bending farther than usual.  Nice.

Floor Bow:  Same as usual.  Can’t reach my feet.  I can reach one side or the other, but can’t get both feet in hands at the same time.  Maybe if someone put them there for me?  Maybe.  So I’m still just doing it anyway for whatever benefit I can get.

Fixed Firm:  My thighs felt tight tonight, so I didn’t get as good of an opening stretch as usual.  That’s okay.

Half Tortoise:  My ass is still in the air (when it should be on my feet) but I’m getting my arms stretched and off the towel which seemed impossible before.  Getting there.

Camel:  Camel felt GREAT tonight.  I’m still not reaching my hands to feet, but I’m bending back far enough that maybe it’s time to take the leap.  So good.

Rabbit:  Oh rabbit.  Oh belly.  Ugh

Head to Knee Pose and Stretching Pose:  I’m still only doing the left side because I’m trying not to re-tweak my back.  Feels good though.  I was finally able to wrap both hands around my left foot for the first time!

Spine Twisting:  Only twisting so far due to the back pain.  Baby steps.

That’s all for tonight.  Bedtime!

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