Class #25, 2/9/2012

OKAY!  I went.  I was feeling un-awesome physically and emotionally, but I went.

I was super careful and deliberate with my movements tonight, and I think I may have sufficiently protected my back.  I still have the smallest amount of discomfort, the same that’s continued over the last couple weeks, but I’m not *more* sore than I was.

Basically I just avoided bending or compressing towards the right side, and I think it really helped.  I was able to get in the room, get some work done, and take care of my body.

All that being said, I did cry during a few poses.  Working out some some of those personal demons. Working out some of the anger at my own body.

Now I’m sitting with an appropriate amount of post-yoga stiffness.  Looking forward to getting back in there tomorrow and working it out with Joanne.

Goodnight Everyone!

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