Class #24, 2/3/2012

So maybe that back pain really was muscular.  I’ve got a tolerable twinge of it going on right now, so I’m backed up against my heating pad as I write this.

Class tonight was with Joanne (my regular Friday 4:30 class) and it was hilarious and awesome.  There were only about 12 people in the class, which means things were nice and spaced out.  I like that.  I hate to say it, because I know how selfish and unsupportive this is, but I’m glad that the 10 billion people who had Bikram New Year’s Resolutions have given up.  The classes are so much better when we’re not packed in like sardines.  I like having classes where the teachers aren’t so overwhelmed with students that they can give personal pointers during class.  I learned a lot tonight.  It was awesome.

I’m pooped.  And I’m super sore.  My body was not feeling happy with most of the poses tonight and I had to lay down ever 10 seconds, which sucked.  All my muscles were really bunched up and angry.  My back hurts (again, not as bad as it did last week, but there’s potential here) and my joints are sore.  Basically I’m feeling whiny and hurty.

I didn’t do anything better or different today than I did yesterday – if anything, I did worse so I’m not going to go through pose by pose (plus, I’m just too tired).

EDIT:  I absolutely DID do things better tonight.  I grabbed my left foot BOTH TIMES for standing bow.  That’s, like, some kind of miracle!  GO ME! 

Plan is to hit the 9:30 class tomorrow morning with Gerdette.  Here’s hoping I wake up!

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