Illness & Injury

Okay, so this week is a bust.  I woke up Tuesday with a killer sore throat and other non-delicious sinus-y problems.  I have finally caught the company cold.  So I skipped yoga hoping if I rested I’d feel better on Wednesday.  But I didn’t.  I left work early on Wednesday, took a nap, and then woke up with bad back/side pain (no known cause).  Seriously?

The pain kept getting worse over the last 48 hours to the point where I was crying like a little baby.  So, because I just couldn’t take it ONE MORE SECOND, I went to the ER this morning when I got off work.  Initially they thought it was a kidney stone (and offered me morphine and toradol, which I had to decline because I’d driven myself).  A CT revealed no stone, and my labwork showed no sign of infection.  They decided it’s either muscular (probably) or an ovarian cyst (less likely).  For now, I have percocet to keep me company and instructions to return Monday for an ultrasound (to look for a cyst) if the pain continues.

There’s no comfortable bodily position that gives relief from the pain.  The first dose of percocet did NOTHING (though the second has left me feeling just fiiiiinnnnnee).

Sadly, until this resolves I will not be returning to yoga.  Hopefully that will be soon, and I will have to find a way to forgive my body for letting me down and keeping me from reaching my goal of 32 classes in 8 weeks.

Thinking about my next goal!  Wondering how to challenge myself next!

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