Class #22, 1/23/2012

I went to class yesterday after not having been for five days.  I’m totally slacking on this 30 day challenge.  I thought that at a minimum I would have made it 25 days, but even that is out the window.  It’s not possible.  And I just realized today that because of a work conflict, I will only make 30 out of the 32 classes I wanted to make in the last 8 weeks.  That was my initial goal.

I know that’s not terrible.  It’s still an average of 3.75 classes per week, which is pretty damn awesome.  That’s still 45 hours of exercise in 8 weeks, which more than meets the daily recommendations for physical activity.

Excerpts of conversations I’ve had:

They:  “Don’t you feel so relaxed after yoga?”
Me:  “I feel more RELIEVED than anything else.”

They:  “Are you meditating?”
Me:  “Yeah.  I’m meditating.  I’m meditating on how to stand on one leg without falling over.  I’m meditating on how to stay in a 105+ degree room when my fight-or-flight kicks in.  I’m meditating on how to get my forehead to touch the effing floor, which seems to be about a thousand miles away.”

They:  “How are you losing weight from yoga?”
Me:  “Because I spend 90 minutes sweating my balls off.”

In other news, there’s this woman in class (whose name I do not know) who I have a little yoga-crush on.  I *love* watching her do the postures.  She’s so focused and so technically proficient.  Her standing bow is stunning.  Stunning.  Her standing leg is strong with knee locked solid, her hip is rotated down but her foot still comes up perfectly over her head, and her concentration is absolute.  It’s breathtaking.  She comes in quietly and leaves quietly and I’m afraid that one day, in an effort to introduce myself, I’m going to come across as some psycho: “Hi, I’ve been coming here for a little while now and I’ve been watching you and  OHMYGODILOVEYOUYOU’RESOAMAZING.”  Something like that.  What’s even worse is that I know she catches me looking at her in the mirror.  I feel so guilty and want to explain myself, but again:  Afraid of coming across as a psycho.

And now, general noticings lately about each pose (yes, I just made up the word “noticings.”):

Standing Deep Breathing:  Arms going up higher.  Still hate the breathing exercise and want it to be over LONG before it actually is.

Awkward Pose:  Still having feet cramps, which really just pisses me off.  Feet cramps?  Really?

Eagle:  Still hate Eagle – can’t twist like ropes.  I’m more the “spread like grease pile” type.

Standing Head to Knee:  Still can’t reach my foot, so I’m still using a towel.  No kicking out yet, I’m just going to wait until I can actually reach my foot to do that.  I could kick out with the towel, but I feel like just sticking with the basics until I can actually do the pose correctly.  I’ll grab my foot someday.

Standing Bow:  Ugh.  I suck at this pose.  I’ve been told that this is the pose most people judge their class by (as in, Great Bow = Great Class, Crappy Bow = Crappy Class).  I don’t feel that way, I just hate that I can’t grab my right foot every time and can only grab my left foot once in a blue moon.  And when I *DO* grab my foot, it makes my arm hurt – as if my arm is so used to being flexed that my biceps have become too tight to fully extend.  I’ll get there eventually.

Balancing Stick:  Some days good, some days bad.  it’s such a simple and quick pose, and also EXHAUSTING.

Standing Separate Leg Stretching Pose:  Love this pose because it’s easy (and because when my legs are apart, my tummy has room to get in there).  So I can bend and pull like a champ.  Love it.

Triangle:  Ugh.  I’m making it through both sides, both sets now, but I pretty much fall into a heap the second it’s over.

Standing Separate Leg Head to Knee Pose:  By the time this pose comes around, I’m exhausted and need to lay down because Triangle has just kicked my ass.

Tree:  Awesome.  Spine’s getting straighter, foot is rotating more, balance is better.  This is the pose by which I judge my entire class.

Toe Stand:  Never do it.  Always just do a second set of tree.

Wind Removing:  I’m getting so close to being able to grab each of my knees with my fingers interlocked.  At the beginning, I wasn’t able to reach my knees at all without the use of a towel.  Now I’m getting one hand wrapped around the leg.  Yay!

Cobra:  I love cobra.  I excel at cobra.  I am a rock star at Cobra.

Locust:  I have no idea how people get their arms under their bellies with the palms down.  I tried doing it on my bed, so there would be some “give,” but I still couldn’t get them there.  How is this anatomically possible?

Full Locust:  Love this one.  It’s super challenging and I still do a decent job (considering I’m a beginner).  It makes me tired, though.

Floor Bow:  Can’t reach my feet, so I just reach back and pretend.  Kelly comes behind me and loops a towel around my legs so I’m able to kick up.  Let me tell ya – when I’m kicking up for real, my middle back KILLS the next day.

Fixed Firm:  I’m still trying to sit down between my heels.  Only working on the first part of this posture so far.  Waiting for my knees to loosen.  They will.

Half Tortoise:  This pose annoys me because I’m acutely aware of my belly being in the way.  I can bend over and get the compression, but then I’m no longer able to sit on my feet.  I also can’t seem to get my hands/arms in the correct position.

Camel:  Camel.  Ugh.  I pretty much only get to the half-way point in this posture, then I hold off.  It’s very intense.

Rabbit:  HATE this pose.  HATE IT.

Head to Knee and Stretching Pose:  Well, I don’t bend my knee because my stomach is in the way.  I stretch down and get the compression anyway, but I still feel like I’m just not able to do this pose correctly because of my belly.

Spine Twisting:  My spine isn’t straight when I’m doing this pose.

Blowing In Firm:  By the time we get to this point, hyperventilating myself is the LAST thing I want to do.  Plus, I’m not sure I understand yet the purpose of this breathing exercise.  Or even how to do it properly.  Maybe it’s because I can’t see my abdominal muscles moving.
Whew!  Long post.

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