Catching UP! (Classes #20 & #21)

Blah, I’m having trouble organizing my thoughts.

Let’s start here:  I am STILL failing at this 30 day challenge.  My last post (for my last class) was last Friday.  I skipped Saturday, Sunday & Monday due to work and sheer laziness. I’m feeling so overwhelmed and stressed out.  I love this yoga and yet I’m sick and tired of going (or trying to go) every day.  It’s so goddamned hot in there, and sweaty and gross.  And it’s hard and I’m sore and achy.

So Tuesday, after a long day of PMS-ing and laying in bed, I got my fat ass out of bed and into the hot room.   It turned out to be one of my best classes ever.  Gerdette was teaching (love her).  Class highlight:  I did both sides, both sets of Triangle Pose for the FIRST TIME.  It’s such a challenging pose for anyone, and so far I’ve only worked up to doing one set, but this time I just went for it!  It felt great.  It was hard, and it was effing hot and I was dripping with sweat and my lower back was going POPPOPPOP, but I stuck it out.  There were lots of other little victories during this class.  This went really well, and part of me chalks it up to having a few days off to rest and recover.

Wednesday evening  I had class with Jenny (who I also love).  This was a very challenging class for me.  First of all, it was super disgusting and wet in there.  Ugh.  I was sore and achy from Tuesday’s class.  My back was so achy it took my breath away sometimes.  Once again I did both sides, both sets of Triangle, so at least there’s that.

I don’t know what to say.  The yoga is kicking my ass and I’m crabby about it (but also want to keep going).  I long for the days when I only have to go 4 times a week instead of this impossible-constant I’m trying to achieve.  And despite the soreness and crabbiness, I catch myself smiling and giggling at myself in class.  It’s so hard and I’m still there.  It baffles my mind – I am always such a quitter, so why not now?

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