Classes #17 & #18, 1/10&11/2012

Whew!  Okay, so I missed class on Monday but only because I worked a 17 hour shift the day before.  We do the best we can.

Tuesdays class was with Julie, who I met for the very first time.  I enjoyed the class!  No awesome revelations for me, just the basics.  Nothing excruciating, just a good, solid class.

Today was the 7:30 w/ Kelly.  This was a great class for me, actually.  It was SUPER juicy in there and despite the fact that I lost about a gallon of water in sweat – I thought it all felt pretty good!  And the bonus?  I grabbed my left foot for the first time tonight!!!!!  Yep, did a left footed standing bow.  It sucked, mind you, but I DID IT.

My blood sugars are evening out, I think.  Or they’re trying to.  I’ve had three days of periodic hypoglycemia, which never happens, so I’ve had to be extra careful with myself.  My next blood test is in March, and I have a feeling that my A1c is going to be normal (or super close). I think that will be a very interesting outcome.

I’m so tired and worn out that I don’t even have the energy to be interesting or witty.  Sorry!

Supposed to hit the 6:30 tomorrow morning so I can sleep during the day and then work the overnight.  Ugh.

I’ve scheduled a massage for Friday to help break lose some of these knots.  Thank god.

More later!

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