Class #16, 1/7/2012

Remember yesterday when I was bitching about having to go to class and whining about how “over it” I was?

Well, class was phenomenal.  As it turned out, there wasn’t really supposed to be a 2pm with Jenny.  It was supposed to be a 4pm.  There, apparently, is no 2pm on Saturdays.  Kelly just happened to be there doing some things at the front desk when three of us sauntered up to the door at 1:30.  Because she’s awesome and amazing and generous, she decided to do the class for the three of us (and we agreed that because she’d be doing the poses WITH us, that she could count this towards her 30 day challenge).

It was amazing.  Essentially a private lesson for the three of us.  Lots of tips, lots of pointers, lots of helpful personal adjustments going on.  It was great.  And had I gone back to bed and convinced myself not to go, I would have missed out!!!  Thank you, Universe!

The down-side of having a three-person class is that there was no cheating.  I had to do ALL the poses.  No lying down through poses I didn’t like.  And you know what?  Standing Separate Leg Head To Knee isn’t that bad.  I honestly don’t know why I’ve been avoiding it all this time.  (still hate rabbit)

And, as an extra special bonus, Kelly said I was slimming down.  Of course I’m not seeing it, but I will believe her anyway.  She took a picture (one plain, one in Tree Pose).  She took pics of me on day #1 as well.  I assume we’ll take pics periodically – I’m going to hold off looking at them until I’m all thin and fabulous.

I can’t wait to get to the point where I can take a day off and have it not be a big deal.  Granted, I’m not going on Sundays due to work, but I’m still on my feet for 12 hours those days.  What I *really* want is a day of honest-to-goodness rest:  No work.  No yoga.  No Laundry.  Just me and my pajamas.

Jan 28 is the last day of my challenge.  Then I’m taking a day off.  CAN’T WAIT.

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