Class #15, 1/6/2012

Pedialyte is disgusting.  Drinking it makes me feel nauseated.  Something about it just hits my tummy wrong, so I’m going to cut it out and try Emergen-C instead.  Blech.

Took the 4:30 w/ Joanne.  She’s so awesome and energetic.  And while she had some dialog flubs today, I thought it was wonderful and human and hilarious.  I wish there were more opportunities for group laughter during class. I often laugh at myself during class.  More laughter!

In preparation for class today I had to take a hot bath.  Everything is just so sore and stiff.  Not as bad as yesterday morning, but still.  The bath did seem to help and I had less pain during class than I expected.  Still had feet cramps, though.

AND, my right knee opened up today!  I’m lucky in that I have never had any knee problems (unlike a lot of people in class) and I never thought my knees were tight, but today (during Fixed Firm Pose) I felt my knee stretch a little.  I am assuming it is not an injury or tear because it doesn’t and didn’t hurt at all.  :-)  Just… opening.

Kelly mentioned in one of the comments somewhere that my favorite poses would change over time.  This is already happening.  I am starting to enjoy the feeling of Pranayama breathing after almost a month of despising it.  I am starting to appreciate Triangle Pose for all the opening I’m feeling in my back, despite having shunned it all this time.  I used to enjoy the feeling of Balancing Stick Pose and now I just want to punch it in its face.  Even Camel Pose is winning me over a little.  Rabbit Pose can still kiss my ass.  As can Standing Separate Leg Head to Knee Pose.

Bed.  Now.

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