Class #14, 1/5/2012

So when I got up this morning to hit the 6:30am class, I was feeling like crap.   My lower back, butt and hip on my left side were yelling at me, my shoulders and neck were super stiff, and my carpal tunnel was FIRED UP (likely from the neck and shoulder stiffness).  My hands were numb and burning, and that hasn’t happened for a while, so I am going blame Bikram for now.

Gerdette was teaching this class, and that’s always nice.  I seem to end up in her classes the most, which is fine by me!  It’s possible that I may have a little yoga-crush on her.  Oh, who am I kidding.  I have yoga-crushes on EVERYONE there.

Today, with  my body all cold and painful, it felt so good to get in the hot room.  Oh, such pleasure!  I practiced my breathing (this seems to be the key for me!!!), did some stretching and hoped that the rest would work itself out during class.

This class was tough in a different way for me today.  My work schedule is mostly days, with one overnight a week (Thursday), which means that I work daytime hours on Wednesday, come home, go to yoga, then attempt to stay up all night so I’ll be able to sleep during the day in preparation for my Thursday overnight.  It pretty much sucks.  So by the time I got to yoga at 6am, I’d been up for 24 hours, minus about a 3 hour nap from 2am-5am.

I was yawning in class.  YAWNING.  And I could hardly keep my eyes open.  It was so cozy in there, and my body was finally feeling better, I just wanted to stay and sleep.  I did try my best, but the truth is, I was getting super frustrated with my lack of balance and focus so I copped out of a lot of 2nd sets.  I’d do a pose (or try) and rest.  Do a pose, and rest.  It really was the best I could do.

So no real revelations during this class.  I came, I made it through, I stayed in the room and I’m really glad I went.  My body does feel better tonight than it did before class this morning.

OH!  I did drink a liter of pedialyte last night and my feet felt better.  I did still have some mild cramping, enough that I still had to rub my feet, but it was MILES better than it was the day before.  So yay for pedialyte!

More tomorrow.  Hitting the 4:30 w/ Joanne.

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