Little Changes

Okay, quick post before hitting up the 7:30 class tonight.

Couple things I noticed today:

  1. I sat on my knees today while wearing my danskos.  I’ve never been able to do that before, due to the shape of the shoe and (I guess) my lack of flexibility in my feet and ankles.  Well, I did it today and then REALIZED I was doing it and got all excited.
  2. I just took off my socks without having to sit down first.  Usually I’m unable to balance on one foot long enough to do that, but I just reached down, grabbed my foot, brought it up to my waist and took off my sock.  Pretty cool!

I also noticed something during yesterday’s class that I forgot to mention.  I can usually do the “right sided” triangle pose without much difficulty in the stretching portion, but the left side usually causes me much pain most of my lumbar spine.  I found out I have lumbar scoliosis in my lower back and the curve points towards my left hip, so when I try to bend that way, things get all bunched up and “crunchy.”  (Gross!)  Anyway, during this particular left triangle, I felt the crunch, felt the discomfort, and then I felt my vertebrae readjust themselves (pop, pop, poppppp) and my triangle just OPENED UP!  It was pretty much awesome.

That is all for now.  Getting ready for class!  Third day in a row.  5th class in 6 days.

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