Class #… what number am I on? 1/4/2012

I’m so very tired.  I’m just out of the 7:30 class with Susan.  This is my first class with her (leading) and it was great!  There’s something quirky and unique about her delivery of the dialogue.  It was really fun!  Plus, she kept the room at a very reasonable 106 and it felt great.  I can’t believe I just typed that.

This wasn’t a great class for me.  Despite drinking 3 liters of water during the course of the day (and another half liter during class), I still had foot cramps.  This was disappointing.  It’s super frustrating to have something as small as my FEET causing all kinds of problems in the room.  I want them to CUT IT OUT.  I will turn this car around. 

In a post-class discussion of my cramping feet, I was given a tip to drink pedialyte.  So, I went from class directly to CVS and bought 4 bottles.  I got the unflavored kind and put a packet of orange koolaid (no sugar) into it.  Tastes better. We’ll see if it helps.

Anyway, my lower back KILLED all during class.  I did my pre-game stretching but things just stayed kinked up back there.  I tried really hard to focus my mind and concentration elsewhere, but sometimes the pain gets the better of me.  I doubt I’m alone here.  So, my back hurt during Half Moon Pose, my feet cramped during Awkward Pose, and I couldn’t balance on one foot for Eagle Pose (not to mention that my hands aren’t anywhere NEAR touching).

BUT!  I did some pre-class deep breathing and, once again, it really helped during the initial pranayama breathing.  No gasping, no sneaking breaths, and I kept up just fine.  Wonderful!  And I still did one whole set of Triangle Pose.   I also really made it a point to engage my quadriceps which gave me better stretches all around.  I loved that feeling (thanks for the pointer, Kelly!).

So, still good, still bad.  I was reaaaaaly beating myself up mentally in the beginning of class and finally I just laid down and gave myself a pep talk about how WE ARE DOING OUR BEST.  It worked.  Pep talks work.

I ate better today.  Ate actual vegetables (raw carrots & green beans).  Turkey sandwich.  Lean Cuisine.  Small meals throughout the day.  Not too bad!

It’s 10:35 now and my plan is to make it to the 6:30am class tomorrow.  It MUST be done!



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