Class #12, 1/3/2012

First things first.  Today I had my Best Yoga Moment to date:  After class, a stranger came up to me and complimented me on my triangle pose!!  ME!  She said something to the effect that my pose was beautiful, that I got really low with my legs in the right position and that normally she feels hesitant during this pose, but was inspired to really get low and get her thigh parallel to the floor.  How awesome is that?  Ahhhh.  Basking in the Love.

Back to business.  Tonight I took the 4:30 w/ Gerdette (Irish heritage confirmed).  She’s so great.  She’s so enthusiastic and it makes me feel enthusiastic too!  We started talking about doing doubles and then began talking about nutrition – she’s going to be such a great asset to me.  I can tell already.

About the yoga:  I really hate the initial breathing exercise.  I hate it.  I never feel like I’m breathing enough to meet my needs and so I always end up sneaking breaths.  When I’m laying down, I can really take deep inhales and slow exhales, but something about the lifted arms and chest that make me feel like there’s no lung-room.  It’s at this time that breathing in for 6 counts seems ENDLESS.

So today as I lay in the hot room waiting for class to begin, I purposefully took really slow, really deep breaths in preparation for pranayama breathing.  You know what?  It must have helped because this was the very first time since I started taking these classes that I wasn’t gasping for air during both sets.  I was slow and steady and it felt great.

A new problem that’s popped up over the last couple classes, though, is that I’m getting cramps in my feet during Half Moon and into Awkward Pose.  Painful feet cramps.  My guess is that I need to hydrate more, so I’m going to try that first and see what happens.  I swear, if it’s not my breathing or my lower back, it’s my stupid feet.  Can my body just calm down and accept that we’re doing this?

Now I need to figure out how to take care of myself nutritionally.  Today the only thing I had to eat all day was a protein smoothie (whey, soy milk, banana, berries).  That’s not going to be enough to sustain me during this month of yoga (or, in general).  I felt woosey during this class and I think it’s because I hadn’t really eaten.  Sure, maybe there are people out there who can do this yoga without food, but I’m definitely not one of them!

So that’s next on the internet agenda.  I need to figure out some food options for me that are easy, appropriate, nutritious, and delicious.

There’s so much more I want to say tonight, but I’m falling asleep at the computer.


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