Class #11, 1/2/2012

Started my 36th birthday off with some morning hot yoga.  And let me tell ya, it was HOT in there today.

I walked into the studio at 8:40 (for a 9:15 class) so I could stake out my favorite spot and get settled in, do some pre-game stretching and such.  Oddly, my favorite spot (right by the door) was already taken.  I got the next spot over and watched in amazement as the room began to fill up.  Usually there’s a good number of people in the room, but there’s always space.  Space to move, space to sweat, space to stretch out without worrying about touching someone else.  Today we had to engage our tetris skills.  When all was said and done, there was maybe six inches between mats.  It was BONKERS.

Here’s something I learned today:  I really do need the mirror.  I hate it, I hate my face and my body, but I couldn’t see myself today and I found that my yoga really suffered.  Concentrating on some dude’s leg is not the same as concentrating on the reflection of my own.

And it was really hot.  This was my first class with Kelly (finally!) and she keeps a toasty room.  Oh yes.  I was fairly certain during several moments that I wasn’t going to make it.  Somewhere towards the end, when there were just a few more poses to go, I actually said to myself “I’m going to die.”

But I didn’t!  And it was so great to finally be with Kelly in her element.  She’s so focused and determined to have us do our best.   So much support being given!!!  Lots of little tidbits of teaching going into my ears, really thinking about the postures (regardless of my ability to do them).  It was great.  Such a great and challenging class.

I’m really feeling it tonight.  I feel it in my lower back and in my shoulders.  Proof that I worked hard, I guess.

So tired!

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