Class #10, 12/31/2011

Happy New Year!

I took yesterday’s 2pm class with Jenny, another accented Irish lovely.  What a good class.  Challenging.  I found I was having a lot of trouble with my balance.  I was stumbling all over the place.  I couldn’t even do Tree Pose (which is my favorite).   And the side I always feel strongest when it comes to balancing seemed to be my weakest side for this class.  Weird.

This is my second class with Jenny (the first time was during my first few days of bikram and I don’t really remember much).  I love her.  There is this cheerleading enthusiasm that comes across in her voice and her body and whenever I hear her say “C’mon, you can do it,” something inside me just lights up!  So yeah.  Good class.

I don’t really have any highlights for this post, because my body was all wonky and I couldn’t stand up straight, nor did I feel all that strong.  I did what I could, though, and that’s all that’s expected so I’m okay with it.


I put my name on the 30-day challenge poster.  I really wanted my name up there with the other peeps and so despite the fact that I can’t attend classes on Sundays, and will likely only make 26 out of 30 classes – I committed to do my best.

I get home and text Colin about I putting my name on the board (and that I will only make 26/30 days), and he says “Oh, you can just do doubles on your days off to make up for it.”

Let’s just take a step back from the ledge, shall we? 

Doubles?  Three hours of sweltering-hot yoga because I can’t go on Sundays?  Colin assures me that it’s possible, that people do it all the time, that it won’t be that bad.  Mm-hmm.  That was my response to practically everything he said.  “You’ll probably go deeper during the second class.”  Mm-hmm.  “You’ll only have to do a double four times during the month.”  Mm-hmm.  “You can totally do 30 classes in 30 days.”  Mm-hmm.

Yet, here I am today thinking about potential doubles and the logistics of this challenge.  I’m going to have to wash my yoga clothes by hand every other day.  I need a couple more towels to throw in to the mix.  I need to make sure I’m drinking enough water and eating the right foods at the best times (not too far from class, not to close).

Lots of thinking today.


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