Class #9, 12/30/2011

Lots to say today!  Lots of thoughts and questions and observations (with, admittedly, some judgements)!

Fresh out of a class with Deb, who is awesome.  Now, when I read her bio I wondered:   “Just how hippie-dippie is this woman?  How “woo-woo” are her classes going to be?”  It was GREAT.  I absolutely LOVED her.  I felt pushed and cradled all at the same time.   At the end of class she drew a card from her meditation deck, which was TOTALLY up my alley (which is to say “medium” on the woo-woo).  Loved it.

I really like how there are little twists to the end of each class depending on the teacher.  Little personality gems that just make my heart swell while I’m laying there exhausted.  I don’t know if it’s like that at other studios, if the teachers are encouraged to take us by the hand during the final savasana, but I’d like to think so.  It’s nice.

I made a new friend tonight.  I’ve been behind her in class a few times now, and she struck up a conversation with me before class today.  I’m being recognized!  A new and persevering face in the community!  We talked about how challenging it is, how often we’re coming, what our goals are (she’s been coming for 3 years now!), how we’re feeling.  Then after class we commiserated on how pooped we were.  We discussed the new poster on the wall which shows people getting a jump on the 2012 January 30-day Challenge.  I shied away from putting my name up there.  We’re both going to the 2pm class tomorrow.  I had little cartoon hearts around my face when she yelled into the dressing room to say goodbye to me.

I did my first standing bow while holding my right foot (no aid from my cheaty-towel).  It sucked.  And it felt like I was hyper-extending my elbow, so that felt uncomfortable.  I have no idea if that’s normal in the beginning or not (Kelly?  Colin?).  But who effing cares?  I held my foot and leaned forward for a full two seconds before falling over.  TAKE THAT!

There were a few new girls in class tonight.  The two who looked 18 weren’t even sweating.  I totally wanted to punch them in the face.  You know, in a friendly kind of way.  Now, I know that this is where I’m supposed to remember to focus on my OWN yoga, my OWN journey, and not on anyone elses.  But the truth is, these girls were kicking my ass at every pose.  Show offs.

I haven’t lost anymore weight, but I’m starting to see significant changes while I’m in the room.  I can reach my feet better, reach farther down my legs, bend farther.  There’s still so much I cannot do, but I’m taking pleasure in seeing the little changes happening already.  I’ve lost one inch from my belly.

For your moment of hilarity, I will offer you a text from my dear friend Colin, who holds full responsibility for pushing me into this sweltering hot yoga.  I was bitching about my life and all the crazy things that have happened over the last couple years, and he said “In a few years you’re going to start travelling the world, living out of your car and teaching yoga.  You’ll sleep free at the studios or homes of other yogis and probably eventually be ordered by Bikram himself to open a studio in some town where no one ever heard of Yoga.”  As if.


I wonder if my cats will mind living in a car.

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