Class #6 12/21/2011

Yeah, I went to class #6 in order to include my lesson in the tally.  I’m okay with this.


Class tonight was TOUGH.  It was brutally hot and it felt like I was breathing through a wet towel.  A hot, wet towel.  People were grunting, gasping, and moaning.  I could feel this amazing vibe going through the room – I was NOT the only one suffering tonight.  People were fleeing that room left and right and every time someone left I felt envious.  I kept thinking that the breeze from the door opening would sustain me, and it did for a while.  But then I just couldn’t take one more moment.

So tonight, for the first time, I left the room.  Just for one set of poses, sure, but still a breach.  I came back after two minutes feeling refreshed and ready to finish the damned class.


  • I did some deep stretching of my lower back in the hot room before class started, and it helped!  Lower back didn’t scream today!
  • Half Moon:  I kept my arms up in the air from start to finish!  This is a first.  So much room for improvement, but this is a start.
  • Awkward Pose:  I’m getting a little better at this one.  My body felt better doing this one tonight.
  • Eagle Pose:  Ugh.  There’s too much body on my body.  It gets in the way of doing every part of this pose.
  • Standing Bow:  I actually grabbed my right foot tonight without the help of a towel!   Oddly, I cannot grab my left foot.  Weird.
  • Standing Separate Leg Head to Knee Pose:  I honestly haven’t even attempted this pose yet.  By the time it comes around, I’m in desperate need of a lie-down.
  • Rabbit Pose:  I still hate it, I still lay down through it.  My belly just makes it impossible.

I’m beat.  I’m always glad I went to class, even if it feels impossible to get through.  I still don’t know what keeps me going back.  I can’t explain it.


One response to “Class #6 12/21/2011

  1. Thumbs up!

    Half Moon arms — feel your pain. It gets better!!!

    Just so you know, Rabbit is my nemesis too. You’ll find that your favorite postures will change; the ones you think you “dislike” now will be more favorable somedays. And vice versa.

    Symmetry to both sides of body — yeeeeeah, always a goal, and we keep getting closer with each class. Alignment is KEY.

    BIG kudos to you for walking in the door. Sometimes things are just unexplainable! Hope to see you tomorrow!

    You look AWESOME. Driving around in a new car, too. Live is good, Life is SHIFTING.

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