Goal-Setting Post

So far my only goal has been to stay in the room for the full 90 minutes.  No cheating, no leaving because I thought I was going to die from the heat, none of it.  Even if I had to lay down the entire time, I was staying in the room.  And I have!

I knew when I set that goal that it wasn’t going to be an easy one.  I really, really hate being hot.  I’m starting to wonder if next summer is going to be more enjoyable now that I’m used to spending time in heat and humidity.  Hmm.

Kelly got me a journal to keep track of my goals, my classes and my feelings about all that may come along for the ride.  I’ve marked off every class I’ve taken (5 classes in 7 days (I’m counting the private lesson)) and I’ve come up with some goals.  I even wrote them down.


  • I will attend 4 to 5 classes per week for 8 weeks.

I’m also going to weigh myself every Sunday and write it down in my journal.  I’m not going to focus on the weight-loss, but it will be a great way to measure my success.  I think I’m going to do some body measurements as well – maybe belly, arms, thighs?  Yes.

Attainable goals.


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