Class #4 12/19/2011

Today was tough.  I was already in a frantic state of mind with all I need to do in the next couple days, so I went into class feeling overwhelmed and it was only 9:15am!

I couldn’t keep up with the first breathing exercise.  I was convinced our teacher was elongating it just to punish me.  I was sneaking breaths like a fat girl sneaks cake.  How could I be out of breath already?  Then during half-moon, my lower back started screaming at me and some weird pain popped up in my lower abdomen during the stretch.  I felt utterly defeated and we weren’t even 10 minutes into class!!!

Basically I spent the entire first half of class struggling, hating myself, feeling unbalanced and generally icky.  Eagle pose makes me feel like a pig and by the time we got to Balancing Stick pose, I wanted to just give in and cry.  My lower back was SCREAMING.

But then… what’s this?  My forehead touched the floor during Standing Separate Leg Stretching pose?  Just for a brief moment, it happened!  So I treated myself by laying down through the next pose.  :-)

I love the floor poses.  No matter what happens, we always get to lay down before moving on to something else.  Exercise with built-in nap time?  What’s not to love?

Other highlights:

  • Besides feeling angry, shaky, pissy and painful, I made it all way through the first portion of class to one set of Triangle before I had to lay down.  That’s new.
  • I hate Camel and Rabbit poses.
  • Today was the first time since my private lesson that I’ve even attempted the Spine-Twisting pose.  I finished strong!

It was a rough class for me but I made it through and I can make it through again.

I’m doing this.

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