Class #3, Saturday 12/17/2011

Woke up without ANY soreness.  How awesome is that?

I had intended to be either at the 7:30 or the 9:30 class Saturday morning.  That didn’t happen because I was in the midst of sleeping for those 14 hours.  Totally worth it.  I went to the 4pm class instead and it was great!

Now, my heart wasn’t really in it this day.  I felt tired, didn’t want to go, my sports bra was too tight, I hated my body.  But I told myself to shut up about it and just got in the car.  Once I’m there there’s no backing out, so the key is just getting in the door.

This class found me taking a little more time to get into it.  I couldn’t concentrate during the initial breathing exercise, half moon wasn’t making me happy, and I was super aware of my own attitude and how it was affecting my body (very tight, fussy, etc).  Also, I’d eaten a heavy meal three hours before, and I think that was a mistake.  Less heavy, farther away.  Maybe two hours before works for some people, but I think I need four hours to digest.  Another thing I’m figuring out.

Despite the slow start, I ended up feeling good about some of the work I did during this class!  Here are some highlights:

  • Half Moon Pose – I went back farther than I’d been before, and I was really aware of the feeling of going farther.
  • Standing Bow – I actually held this in almost good position for, like, four seconds!  There was even a moment of seeing my foot over my head.  I was charging and kicking like a CHAMP!  Then I lost my balance.
  • Standing Separate Leg Stretch – I thought I’d never get my forehead to the floor, but what I realized is that I really can spread my legs farther apart and get SUPER CLOSE.  My forehead is getting there. 
  • Tree Pose – I’m balancing, I’m getting one hand up, I’m locking my knee and caring for the other.  It doesn’t look great, but I’m feeling good about it.
  • Cobra Pose – I’m using 100% of my back muscles to do this, though I still find my feet coming up.  Still, I can get up pretty far with just my back!

So there we are.  I’ve never in my life followed an exercise program or ever even wanted to go to the gym.  I find I’m looking forward to getting to these classes, and each one I live through makes me feel really good about myself.  I’m doing this.  I doubted I could, but I’m doing it.  And I can’t wait to go to class tomorrow!


P.S.  Just weighed myself and I’m THREE POUNDS LIGHTER!

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