Class #2, Friday 12/16/2011

Okay!  So truly, I thought I was going to die during my first class.  I even had weird chest pain and neck pain afterwards, which prompted me to ask my doc for an ECG (while already at an appointment).  Of course the ECG was normal, and she gave me her blessing to go back to the hot room (though I’m pretty sure she thought I was nuts).

So even though I’d been up for more than 24 hours by the time class started on Friday evening, I went.  And I was excited to go.  Crazy, right?  I decided I was going to take it super easy this time.  No need to be a Rock Star.  I would rest, I would lay down, I would keep my heart from pounding out of my chest and I would stay in that damned room.

Side note:  That’s the only goal I’ve set for myself.  Staying in the room.  Even if I lay down during the entire 90 minutes, I’m letting myself completely off the hook unless I leave the room.  So when my fight or flight kicks in, when I’m tired and hot and my heart is pounding, I just lay down and breathe through it.  If that means I miss two sets of two different poses, so be it.

The second class was much, much easier than my first.  Probably because I’d been through it before, I knew what to expect, and I’d decided I would lay down more as needed.  But I also felt much more excited and energetic for this class.  I felt ready.  I worked hard when I could, and I rested when I wanted.  There were times when I’d be resting and think… GET UP!  YOU WANT TO TRY THIS POSE!  So I would.  And I’d try.

I had a lot of fun this time, my balance was better and I felt more emotionally ready to be in the hot room.  And let me tell you, I went home and proceeded to sleep for 14 hours.

Oh yeah.

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